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FC application is a tool for mobile phones that combines some of the fundamentals of physics and thermodynamics applicable to fuel cell technology in a user-friendly analytic interface. It provides a platform featuring various tools that perform direct process simulations on a mobile phone in no time. 

One of the main purposes of this application is to give scientists and engineers flexibility, with a handy interface that enables the possibility of going through calculations very quickly without the hassle of using a laptop or computer. This app gives you powerful analytic capability whilst in the middle of discussions in a lab, on the move or at a coffee break! 

There are two versions of the app: 'Lite' and 'Pro' with various modules. Detailed explanations regarding the integrated modules and functionalities can be found in the 'help menu' of the app.

Ways to download the app:

1. Search the store for 'FC application Lite' or 'FC application Pro' on your Andriod or iOS smart phone.

2. Scan the QRcode in front.

Coming soon:

We are currently working on the next release of the software with more integrated modules.

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