We also offer other engineering services that may fit your project and company portfolio needs especially in the field of fuel cell and fuel cell systems. We can help bring your ideas to proof of concept and prototype phase through support in design, planning and the implementation of various methodologies.

​One of our main expertise is design and prototyping of fuel cell stacks; that includes, design and prototyping of metallic or graphite plates, stack dimensioning, manifolding and compression system, etc.


  • Finalising design

  • Implementation of various techniques: ex. Laser welding

  • Further tuning

Concept phase

  • Definition

  • Application

  • Concept

  • Brainstorming

  • Dimensioning



  • Geometry tuning

  • Supplier  Coordination

  • Design of Experiment

  • Optimisation


  • Validation of design

  • Manifold concepts

  • Stack assembly

  • Compression kits

  • Documentation

EH Group Approach

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