EH Group is a leader in hydrogen fuel cell technologies and services. Headquartered in Switzerland, EH Group is focused on the design and production of its innovative fuel cell technology. EH Group's fuel cell solutions directly address the challenge of displacing unsustainable technologies that are unfit for purpose in our times, but that nonetheless still power our economy.  

Our mission is to accelerate the large scale deployment of hydrogen fuel cells for a decarbonised future.

Due to its cost-effectiveness and compactness, our technology is a front-running candidate for mobile applications (i.e., heavy-duty trucks, mining, maritime, maritime handling, and aviation) where weight and volume reduction are key criteria. Our fuel cell product offering can also be used in stationary applications such as backup power for commercial buildings, data centers, and long term energy storage. These are just some of the markets that are poised to benefit from the widespread deployment of our innovative technology.

Powering Up

Fully automated stack production machinery being commissioned to meet the growing demands of our clients. The EH team is expanding to accelerate the development and deployment of our fuel cell solutions. The journey continues!


To meet the demands of high power applications, EH Group launched its EH-87 fuel cell, offering up to 300kW on a single stack platform. Developed fuel cell systems delivering up to 250kW. Expanded our facilities in Nyon to 2,000m2 of customized laboratory space, production facilities and greater fuel cell testing capacity. Established EH Group Systems Pvt Ltd at IITM Research Park in Chennai, India to support our fuel cell systems control development and service our growing Asian client base.


EH Group established its initial larger lab facilities in Nyon, Switzerland, with test bench facilities running up to 40kW, dedicated hydrogen supply, and semi-automated machinery. The team grew to include a broad spectrum of talented engineers across mechanical, electrical, embedded, and process control domains. Fuel cell stacks and systems were developed for maritime customers, backup-power and others. EH Group Technologies Inc. is established in California to expand our R&D activities with major US universities, and to expand service to our North American clients.


The European Commmission's EIC Accelerator provided a notable boost to EH Group activities. Deployments of stacks to light commercial vehicles, aerospace and forklift manufacturers commenced. First fuel cell systems deployed for micro-grid stationary and material handling. The DeVigier Foundation granted EHG a "Best Startup in Switzerland" award.


Feasibility study was completed on a design for the manufacturing process of our unique fuel cell stacks. We began activities under the European Space Agency BIC Switzerland program, enabling us to test our stacks against the rigours of space. EH Group further built a customised test-bench and kickstarted testing of larger stacks up to 35kW.


Our core team was established, and initial lab space was secured near Lausanne, Switzerland. Fuel cell stacks up to 3kW were designed, tested and characterized. Initial prototypes yielded strong results, and preliminary patents were drafted and secured.


EH Group was established in May 2017. The Founders' aim - to design and launch a compact, efficient and low cost fuel cell stack in the market capable of meeting and exceeding future decarbonisation targets. Proof of concept stack on a wholly redesigned micro-structure is satisfactorily achieved.