Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Advanced Fuel Cell Technology Patented Stack Microstructure
Unrivalled Power Density

Simplified system architecture
High system efficiency with low parasitic loads
FC Stack design flexibility – platform to >300kW
Radical cost reduction by Design For Manufacturing

EH Group’s innovative & patented fuel
cell technology offers:

High Power Density

Uniquely re-designed fuel cell stack at the microstructure level.
Significantly more compact, lightweight and efficient

Scalable Fuel Cell

Our FC technology operates with a simplified system architecture. Fewer parasitic loads, lower costs and
higher efficiency.

Simplified System

A completely new approach and concept of fuel cell stack design and production. High micro precision eliminates conventional stack assembly methods. Drives down production costs significantly.

Design Scalability

FC Stack technology has inherent design scalability Allows it to be deployed from 5kW through to 300W mobile applications and up to MW level on a single stack platform

Technology Edge

Our unique and patented fuel cell stack microstructure delivers unrivalled performance as well as design flexibility. Featuring a cell pitch <0.9mm, advanced water and thermal management, our fuel cell technology provides reliable power across the most challenging operating conditions.

EH Group's proprietary fuel cell stack production machinery shown here has been developed together with a specialised Swiss industrial partner. Comprising ultra-high precision, its main features are:

  • Reduced manufacturing cost

  • Higher production rate

  • Multiple sequential processes

  • Higher yield and efficiency

  • Integrated quality control features 

Our  first generation machinery offers unparalleled production scalability across multiple stack platforms. Discover them here.

Fuel Cell Applications

EH Group's fuel cell products are primarily aimed at large power applications, replacing the diesel engine, where batteries alone are insufficient and untenable. Instead, EH Group delivers a high performance, emissions free and scalable power solution that meets the most demanding operational requirements.

Such applications include mobility such as heavy-duty trucks, mining, maritime vessels, material handling and aviation where weight and volume are key criteria. Our product offering can also be used in stationary applications such as backup power for data centres, microgrids, EV superchargers, cold ironing at ports, and long duration energy storage from renewables.