FC System Design

Technical design of a complete fuel cell system including all components of Balance of Plant (BoP) with EH Group stacks

•  Process flow simulations, Dynamic analysis and optimization of BoP considering operating conditions with different scenarios
•  Detailed P&ID of complete fuel cell system
•  Full Engineering Design with all component and process specifications for a complete fuel cell system
•  Control & monitoring systems for fuel management, air management, thermal management (stacks & BoP), and power management
•  Interfacing with IFM controller

Assembly of FC system, FAT and support for comprehensive testing.

Stack Customisation

Require a customised fuel cell stack for a specific application - e.g. advanced automotive, aerospace or aviation:

Our unique fuel cell technology gives us unparalleled flexibility to adjust form factor, materials and other variables (e.g. voltage, current), to meet the
needs of our clients.

EH Group's core expertise is the design and advanced prototyping of fuel cell stacks; this covers both metallic and graphite plates, stack dimensioning,
manifolding and compression system, etc.


  • Design concept for fuel cell stacks

  • Detailed thermodynamic calculations and simulations,

  • Gas/liquid flow evaluations (including Velocity,

  • Pressure Drop, Heat Transfer, etc.)

  • Manifolds design and optimisation (FEA + CFD simulations)

  • Enclosure design and optimisation (if applicable)

FC Control Software

EH Group’s proprietary fuel cell control system is based on AI and machine learning

EH Systems Control Apps are a blend of applied Physics & applied Maths for achieving Machine Learning (MPC) & AI (Digital Twin).

Our AI has DAE (constraint Differential Algebric Equations) as opposed to only pure Algebraic Regression Equations as the case with conventional AI which is about determining an outcome which has maximum probability of occurrence. Hence our AI/ML applications are more deterministic instead of probabilistic, hence also more robust.

EH Group’s control system is available as a licensing option to clients – contact us to learn more.

Integrated Solutions

EH Group is able to assist with the integration of our fuel cell modules into a final application, whether land or maritime vehicle, containerisation, etc.

We   work  with   multiple   partners  both   in   Europe   and   abroad,  covering   power electronics, heat management systems, automotive integrators, and engineering service companies to enable us to deliver a turnkey solution to our clients.

If you are looking to partner with EH Group, or require a more complete power solution please contact us.