Fuel Cell Stacks & Systems

EH Group’s innovative & patented fuel
cell technology offers:

1. High Power Density

Uniquely re-designed fuel cell stack at the microstructure level.
Significantly more compact, lightweight and efficient

2.Simplified FC System Architecture

Our FC technology operates with a simplified system architecture.
Fewer parasitic loads, reduced costs and higher efficiency

3. Scalable FC Production

A transformative fuel cell stack assembly process
High micro precision machinery with unrivalled production speed
Drives down production costs   significantly

4.Design Scalability

FC stack technology has inherent design scalability
Allows it to be deployed from 5kW through to 300kW mobile applications and up to MW level on a single stack platform

Our fuel cell product is primarily aimed at large power applications.

This includes mobility such as heavy trucks, mining, maritime, rail,  forklifts, and aviation where weight and volume reduction are two key criteria.  

Our product offering can also be used in stationary applications such as backup power for data centres, cold ironing at ports, long term energy storage, etc.

What is a Fuel Cell ?

Fuel cells are devices thatelectrochemically combine hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity, water,and heat. Unlike batteries, fuel cells continuously generate electricity aslong as a source of fuel is supplied. Fuel cells do not burn fuel, making theprocess quiet, pollution-free, and up to two to three times more efficient thancombustion technologies.

In the face of fast-approaching decarbonisation targets, inmany cases there is no practical alternative technological solution.  For example, commercial vehicles both on land and water that requireextended use, range and/or heavy payloads are primed for disruptivedecarbonization that cannot be met by batteries alone - trucks, rail, marine,off-road vehicles, and aviation.  

EH GROUP’S innovative Fuel Cell Technology has been awarded the Solar
Impulse Foundation’s EFFICIENT SOLUTION   label.  One of the first Labels for
positive impact businesses bringing together protection of nature and financial
viability through a strict assessment process made by a pool of independent experts.

In collaboration with renowned institutions, Solutions applying to the Label must go
through a neutral and certified methodology based on three themes of Feasibility,
Environmental Impact and Profitability.

Our fuel cell stacks have been tested at external labs for the rigour of space exploration, including thermal tests ranging from -20C to 90C and random vibration tests up to 15G, simulating rocket launch. These were conducted at the faciliities of Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and   Technology   (EMPA),   and   RUAG   Space,   a   leading   Swiss aerospace   group.

EH Group has undertaken third-party performance and validation tests on its fuel cell technology at major institutions such as the Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland, and the National Fuel Cell Research Center at UC Irvine, California.  In addition, we have ongoing collaborations with our academic partners, EPFL, University College London and Imperial College.

EH Group has in-depth knowledge and expertise in the areas of low and high temperature fuel cells and have worked with a range of technologies and concepts.  This includes the design and development of hybrid systems, and the integration of fuel cells with other technologies such as electrolyzers and reformers.